Flushed-ever wonder what goes on when girls to the bathroom together? Well wonder no more. GM Fringe

Hey everyone, and happy Sunday morning!

Sorry for the delay from the last show preview until this one but there's been a few things that needed my attention; let's not waste anymore time though and get on with the preview for today's look which is Flushed written by Catherine Cranfield of Theatre Unlocked. Flushed is being performed at 53 Two Manchester on the:15th and 16th of July at 7PM. Flushed is Catherine's second original play focused on a cause she is passionate about and contains a moving story that has the strength to make you laugh and cry in the same story.

‘Flushed’ is a play about sisterhood and the everlasting bonds made within the cubicle walls: where friendships are formed, secrets are shared and girls poo. Whilst it sounds very light-hearted it does focus on an unspoken issue "premature ovarian insufficiency" affecting many women out there but, at the time of writing, you don't tend to hear about it; something Theatre Unlocked are hoping to change and encourage discussion on.

This is one of the big reasons why I'm supporting the production as using theatre to expose a hidden issue in today's society that needs discussing which is essentially what Great Expectations Theatre does with its productions; on top of it being one of my favourite new pieces of writing so far in 2018 from its earlier run at 53Two in Manchester in March.

You may be reading this and thinking this sounds like something that's only going to appeal to primarily a female audience. The honest answer to that is no as the moments that characters Jen and Marnie share are family moments which everyone can relate to in some form or fashion; with Jen being the happy-go lucky party loving little sister and big sister Marnie being the supportive, patient one.

What makes the writing great though is the way its shown with the set up for the show beginning with a very light-hearted and fun tone and then a moment will change everything and when it hits it hits hard without being preachy or pandering to the subject matter and every scene matters to the subject matter in some shape or fashion.

Still not convinced to go and see it? Then how about finally learning what happens when girls go to the bathroom together as the play is set across seven different bathrooms you'll finally find the answer to the age old question or what do they talk to their mate about when you're on that double date or how they are drunk or what happens when they poo (no I'm not joking).

None of that would mean anything without a strong cast with Harriett Rose Millsopp as Jen and Georgia Phillips as Marnie. Both actors are returning to their roles for the run at GM Fringe which is good for anyone going to see it as both share excellent chemistry on stage to make the playful banter between the two sisters work and you can tell they know their characters and relationships with each other inside out through their performances.

With so many productions on at this year's Manchester Fringe Festival shows can easily get swallowed up and I don't want that to happen to this one so please go support them and say hi after the show they're a lovely bunch.

Tickets to the show can be found through the following link: https://www.ticketweb.uk/search?q=Flushed&org/216863&pl=mff

More information on Theatre Unlocked: https://theatreunlocked.weebly.com/

More information on the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival: http://www.greatermanchesterfringe.co.uk/index.php?id=6

If you've liked reading this preview and want to learn about what I do at Great Expectations Theatre then you can find all the information here: https://www.greatexpectationstheatre.co.uk/our-story

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day

Richard Stringer

Founder of Great Expectations Theatre

Image by Theatre Unlocked

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