The Cycle

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"Gripping storyline & full of drama"

"Relate to this in real life-good storyline"

"Domestic violence against a man very unusual. Love this theme."

Jake and Katie have it all, nice flat, glowing careers ahead of them and are happy. But they quickly learn the meaning of "you don't know someone until you live with them." as a cycle of toxic abuse begins to destroy the relationship of themselves and of those closes to them. Can they find a way to stop it or will this cycle twist and destroy them?

Starring Jack Wagman as Jake

Tilly Sutcliffe as Katie and 

Rebecca McAuley as Meg

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Wed 20th of March

Thurs 21st of March

Fri 22nd of March

More information on why this story needs to be told is available here

Some of the Feedback above is taken direct from audience members who attended the rehearsed readings of The Cycle from WriteForTheStageDevelopment Week 9 in February 2017 which premiered act 1 and then the full show was read as part of #Newvember an initiative by 53 Two in Manchester for audiences to give feedback on new work as it nears its final production . Audiences are anticipating the final production premiere in March 2019 due to the story line and theme explored.

The Cycle is Great Expectations Theatres second production and first full length play set for a three night run at the Kings Arms, Salford 11 Bloom Street, M3 6AN from Wednesday the 20th of March-Friday the 22nd of March 

Developed through the WriteForTheStageWriterslab and Brush Stroke Order The Cycle focuses on domestic violence targeted against men and others who you usually wouldn't think would suffer from the issue. This has been done in order to show that domestic violence is something that can affect anyone as a human issue.