"Spoke passionately about exploring issues for young people." Poppy Stewart North West End Reviews
Great Expectations Theatre is here to give a voice to young people who feel excluded from the mainstream based on their age and place in the world.

Great Expectations Theatre was founded in 2016 by playwright and director, Richard Stringer. Their debut production, Runaway, performed during the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival, was a huge success with audiences and critics alike.


Great Expectations Theatre is here to tell stories that put young people and their experiences in the forefront, asking the question - "What does it mean to be young in the 21st century?". We aim to explore issues effecting young people without censorship or the saccharine, watered-down version so often portrayed in the media with all the edges shaved off. We aim to tell the world how the world is for those who are not given a voice and for those disenfranchised by the political tumble-weed that is the UK.

OUR Founder
Richard Stringer

Hello! I am the founder, lead writer & director of Great Expectations Theatre. I am a trained actor from the Arden School of Theatre in Manchester, and a Sheffield Hallam university graduate (2:1). I'm a also trained writer/director and producer from the WriteForTheStage writing and producing Courses with Studio Salford.